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Distribution Business Louter – Schagen

We are a young distribution company formed by experienced people. Jos and Stefan Louter independently founded this company in 2011. The goal was to create a small-scale company which would be all about the customers. We have succeeded in the latter, but the distribution company Louter has not been small for a long time now. Soon after the founding of the company we had to let go of the idea that we could stay small-scale. This growth made us decide to take on Niels Doll in 2014. We did this to make sure we will have a managementteam that can keep up with our future growth.

Meanwhile we are a company that is active nation wide. Our customers include those which practice old skills as well as industrial companies. Several retail companies also know how to find us and we support these companies in their fresh food solutions.

In short; we strive to make it all about the customer.

We supply everything needed for processing fresh products. From machines to workbenches and cleaningsupplies. All our products are delivered at home.

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